Nail Master - Lucky Susil

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By 2018-01-14

By Menaka Indrakumar

With many years of experience in mastering the art of nail design Lucky Susil is recognized as one of Sri Lanka's leading, nail experts. Operating from Chagall Salon, Colombo for many years, he has travelled far and wide to perfect his techniques.

He loves to play with colour and the latest trends. Some of his favourites are hot pinks and reds. Lucky believes that one should give their nails the same attention and care that they give to their body. Manicures and Pedicures are important, once in awhile.

What are the best colours for 2018?

There many colours, I can suggest a few. But colours depend on mood and the preference of the client. Some like it hot and fabulous, where some like to keep it simple and nice.

The nail art to reject this year?

I think stamping and marbling should be rejected. Not every client wants to do nail art though; it's creative and unique for certain people. Some clients just stick to a basic mani and pedicure, with a relaxing foot massage. They want to make the process quick.

Why are pedicures and manicures important?

1. Just as you keep your body hygienic, nails need to be kept clean, too.

2. Trimming your nails are important, because nails can discolour when dust accumulates.

3. Since hands and feet are exposed to dust and sun, a pedicure and manicure is like a facial. It removes dead skin and rejuvenates.

How many years have you been doing this?

I have been in the industry of nail and beautycare for 17 years, and worked in the UAE. I am constantly travelling and studying the art of doing nails. I love how I can progress in my career whilst getting to travel as well.

What is the most irritating aspect of giving a pedi or a mani?

Nothing is irritating as long as my client is happy, that all that matters to me. My client is like family to me.

Why are you known as the
Nail Master?

I guess I am called the 'Nail Master' because of my experience and the people I have worked with. My clients keep coming to me because of how I do things. I am
humbled, yet motivated by this title.

How has the beauty industry grown in Sri Lanka?

From my many years of experience, the industry is much better that what it was. But there is potential for it to grow even further.

One woman and man who is always well dressed and well kept?

Ramani Fernando and Yolanda Aluwihare are always graceful, elegant and beautifully dressed and they also maintain themselves very well. From men, I can't think of anyone.

Are men also into manis and pedis?

Of course, they are very much into it.



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