Pirith chants for abundant harvest

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By 2018-01-14

By Chandrasiri C. Kalubowila

It is a well known fact that many farmers as well as a large number of consumers of their produce have fallen victim to kidney disease. In my youth the varieties of paddy cultivated were local varieties such as Maa-vee, Devaraddiri, Pachchaperumal and Heenati. Farmers cultivated only in the Maha season as it took six months for the harvest to be reaped. They were suitable for the local conditions and were not affected by excessive rain, droughts or insects. At a later date hybrid varieties that gave harvests in three months, became the trend. Those were not suitable for local climatic conditions and were also easily affected by certain diseases. Therefore from the time of planting, fertilizers as well as poisonous chemicals had to be used.

Certain pesticides killed not only the weeds but also useful plants and trees. The consumers who used the vegetables and rice also contracted numerous diseases, the incidence of which has reached very high proportions as of today.
In the past, farmers did not use chemical fertilizers or insecticides.
If there was an insect problem, a cord smeared with a certain resin was carried across the field by two persons brushing it against the paddy plants. The two persons walked on the parallel ridges (Niyara) on the paddyfield. It is somewhat similar to the method of trapping used today. Today it is difficult to use this method due to lack of unity among farmers.
In addition various Pirith chants, Mantras and Kem methods were also used. Following is an extract from the booklet, Ruwan Suthura, published in 1958 which indicated suitable Pirith chants for agriculture.
1. Energize by chanting this stanza 108 times and sprinkle water on the corners of the paddy field to eliminate flies.
Khanena Agging Jalamanannaya
Sabbanpiche Chandana Darukhiye
Sarirakhiye Sugathassa Dhatuye
Muttang Suvannagsumanang Sadissathi.

2. Sabba Papassa Akaranang-Kusalassa Upasampada
Sachitta Pariyp Dapanang -Ethang Buddhanusasanag
Write this stanza 108 times on an Ola leaf and keep in the large wooden box known as Atuva, where the grain is stored. Rats will not eat the paddy.

3. Take sand from a river and energize 108 times by chanting the following stanza. Sprinkle on the four boundaries of the paddy field. Paddy flies will disappear. The text further ascertains its claims to be true.
Kinchchapi So Kammang karoti papakang
Kayena Vacha Udachethasava
Abhabbo so thassa patichchadaya
Abhabbathaditthi Padassa Vutta
Idampi Sanghe ratanag paneethang –Ethene sachchena suvatti hothu.(Ratana Sutta)
4. In order to increase harvest energize paddy by chanting the following stanza 108 times before planting.

Vanappa Gumbhe Yatha Phussithagge
Gimhanamase Patamasming gimhe
Thathuphamang Dhammavarang Adesai
Nibbanagaming Paramang Hithaya
Idampi Buddhe ratanang paneethang
Ethena sachchena suvatti hotu (Ratana Sutta)
5. By chanting this stanza 108 times and energizing water and sprinkling on the cattle shed will protect cattle from all harm. The cattle will stay healthy.

Kheenang Puranang-Navang Natti Sambhavang
Viratta Chitta Ayathike bhavasming
The khinabija Avirulhichchanda
Nibbanthideera Yathayang-padeepo---
Idampi Sanghe ratang paneethang
Ethene sachchena suvatti hotu (Ratana Sutta)

The above stanzas are taken as mentioned in the original publication without making any alteration.



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