Venus into Capricorn

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By 2018-01-14

By P.D Perera

Venus the ruling planet of happiness and comfort transited the house of Capricorn ruled by Saturn, yesterday (13) at 2.45 a.m. The advent of the planet, took place under the 1st Pada of Deta asterism, Aries Nawamshaka and the sign of Taurus. The transit occurred during the period in which all the planets were posited between Rahu and Kethu; accordingly, the movement of Venus occurred under 'Kala Sarpa Yoga' in Sri Lanka's horoscope.

In the meantime, Saturn located in the 2nd house from Moon has resulted in 'Janma Erashtaka'. Venus that has transited the 12th house of Lanka's horoscope may not therefore produce expected outcomes. Venus will remain in the house until February 6.
Cost of living seems to get rather high and people become stressful since the level of income looks to be limited. This will cause a dilemma in Ordinary people as their expenses tend to rise. Local agricultural production might also be affected by dry weather and natural disasters resulting in negative consequences. Limited harvest might force the government to import necessary products. Political conspiracies and crisis in relation to different governmental sectors are imminent. Crossovers in politics are expected as usual. Controversial bond issue of the Central Bank might cause a series of problems. Certain leaders who play key roles in politics might resign from their positions. Student related issues could be on the rise and doctors might raise their voice. Protests are expected and clergy and intellectuals might come forward. Circulation of illegal drugs and black money might become major issues. Progress in tourism is expected and positive reforms made in the field of law seem to be fruitful for the country. Innovators and local artistes might be internationally awarded.

Venus is supposed to transit the 1st house of Sri Lanka's horoscope on February 6; thus a downfall of a reputed political party might be expected during the forthcoming election. The ruling party seems to be undergoing a tough period.



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