Vastu and Domestic Animals

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By 2018-01-14

BY Janaka Priyantha Dayaratne

It is true that pets constitute an integral part of our community that has cultivated the practice of loving kindness towards all creatures for ages. Our people have treated animals as a part of their family from ancient times. This lifestyle is extraneous to the practice of animal husbandry where animals were reared only for economic gain. According to this lifestyle, the addition of a dog or a cat to a family was nothing out of the ordinary.

The animals were allowed to roam freely in the gardens that were not fenced. As the animals with developed sensory capacity were not confined to a limited area or a cage as of today, they had the freedom to remain in their preferred place instead of staying at a place chosen by humans who are considered weaker in sensory abilities.

Even in ancient times cats remained somewhat distant to humans while dogs remained close. Today our society has diverted from the ancient practices and instead of showing their love to animals, seeks love from their pets and finally leaves them in cages outside their homes.

Therefore these animals too are gradually losing their sensory perceptions. If we set them free in our houses or gardens, that would not only generate thoughts of non-violence but give us the benefit of knowing the Geopathic Stress Zones in their premises. A new-born baby too has this ability. We have seen that a baby when placed on a Geopathic Stress Zone starts crying or rolling over. As humans start to act according to the perceptions of their sensory organs this ability is lost as we age. That perception can be regained only through a spiritual practice or a technique of developing Extra Sensory Perception.

Through this sensory ability in animals, we too can find suitable places for us by following their preferable places. According to this method, the places where cats prefer are assumed as not so much suitable for humans but where the dogs stay are conducive to humans.

If studied properly, this can be used to categorize the space in our houses without using modern electronic equipment. Here it should be assured that there are no other extraneous factors for the animals to like or detest the place.
It is important to know that where reptiles were found on several occasions and insects such as bees and wasps fly are places which can come within Geopathic Stress Zones.

In addition, a special mention should be made about the directions where animals are confined. As the animals soil their confines easily, it may become a welcome abode for entities of low vibration and frequency. Therefore animals when confined should be maintained in the North-west or in proximity to that direction.

If soiled cages are located in other directions you may have to undergo certain consequences. If animals are located in the North-east, negative consequences such as disease, loss of financial resources and spiritual life may result in.
If animals are located in the South-east, one's mundane life may lose its splendour. If animals are located in the South-west, economic stability may be lost and conditions such as womb related diseases may occur.
Finally we wish to mention that even when defects are created by the places where animals are placed, Pyramid related, Pyra Vastu has the ability to correct them without demolishing the structures.



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