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By 2018-01-14

By Milan Lu
Ceylon Today Features

It seems to be raining celebrities these days. Some eagle eyed fans were lucky enough to bump into Matt LeBlanc when he and Chris Harris were filming an episode of Top Gear in Kandy Town on 11 January 2018.

Suhail Odayar spotted LeBlanc and Harris in Kandy Town while on a walk and managed to get a selfie with LeBlanc after chatting with him briefly. Two other lucky fans, Corita Fernando and Bandhuka Premawardhana, snapped a selfie with the star as well.
Corita explained her selfie saying that they were asked to be extras in the Top Gear shoot and mentioned that LeBlanc was very nice to them both.

LeBlanc and Harris began hosting Top Gear in 2016 along with more hosts and have been under serious scrutiny due to the legacy the previous hosts of the show left behind. But they have found their own fan following gradually and are maintaining a good show.
LeBlanc is notably known for his role in Friends as the beloved Joey Tribbiani and although the show ended in 2004, the star shared recently that he hasn't been able to escape his character ever since. "I'm very proud of that show. I don't feel the need to put it behind me.

"And I don't think any of us [the cast] will be able to escape it. But I also don't see why we should try to. That's something that new generations discover every year, and it's on all the time all over the world and it makes people laugh and its brought people a lot of joy" he shared in a recent interview in The New York Times.

Nothing much is known about what exactly the two Top Gear hosts are filming in Kandy or if they would be travelling around the country but we hope they had a pleasant stay.



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