Storm, tornado warning

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By 2018-01-14

By Leon Berenger

The authorities yesterday warned of sudden turbulent weather that would include storms, strong winds and even tornado activity in the country and advised the general public to take appropriate precaution to minimize damage that may take place.

The warning follows Friday's freak weather of strong winds and rain that damaged some 300 houses and uprooted large trees in several parts of the Gampaha District."We are trying to establish the true cause of the weather on Friday night. It could have been anything, a storm, strong winds or even a tornado," Additional Director at the Department of Meteorology Anusha Warnasooriya said.

Friday's weather could have been a brief tornado or a down draft which is rain and strong winds and the cause for the sudden inclement weather is yet to be established, Warnasooriya added.

She said that pre-warnings could not be made since the Department does not have the necessary equipment unlike in developed countries such as the US and elsewhere and therefore such weather will make a landfall without a warning.

She added that a similar weather was witnessed over Kirillawala some two years ago. However, such turbulent weather activity is very brief but nonetheless it could cause extensive damages as witnessed in Gampaha on Friday night, Warnasooriya concluded.



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