Mohammad Shiyam murder case appeal Vass denies threatening CID Director

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By 2018-01-16

By Kavindya Perera

Former Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Vass Gunawardena on 12 January told the Colombo High Court (CHC) that during his entire service tenure in the Department of Police under no circumstance he had berated any fellow officer. Even if he notices any wrongdoing he was used to summon that particular person to his office before advising the person concerned, he added.

He had made this comment to the Court while giving evidence in the case filed against him by the Attorney General for berating and threatening the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Director Shani Abeysekera.

The former Senior DIG further told the Court that "From the day of the murder of Mohammad Shiyam, to the end, the evidence given has been concocted, the affidavits and these are only lies geared towards our bail being denied. Nine months after my arrest, the firearms located from the Weliweriya area were connected to us and bail was denied. Instead of taking the suspects behind these murders into custody the CID has acted in a partial and biased manner as deemed fit by them. They all strived to deny bail to us. Shani Abeysekera and Ranjith Munasinghe submitted bogus affidavits to prevent bail from being granted to my son. It has now come to light that those affidavits are a fabrication. I cannot accept the statement made by Abeysekera that I had threatened him and such a statement been recorded."

The former Senior DIG who has been convicted in the murder case of Colombo 4, millionaire businessman Mohammad Siyam is currently on death row.

The case was put off for 26 January.




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