Motorcyclists Association complains to CJ Accuses Mathugama Chief Magistrate of bias

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By 2018-01-16

The Chairman of the Ceylon Motorcyclists Association (CMA) sending copies of a letter to the Chief Justice, Minister of Justice and Minister of Law and Order said that a complaint had been lodged against the conduct of the Mathugama Chief Magistrate.

CMA Head Chirantha Amarasinghe added that an incident where two Police officers were seen brutally assaulting an under-aged individual who had ridden a motorcycle had been shown on a television channel on 1 April last year.

He said that the incident had been rightly condemned by the public since its telecast while CMA too had intervened in the incident with the aim of providing solace to the aggrieved party. CMA has stated that it had become obvious to them that the Police at all times had attempted to sweep the incident under the carpet.

They also stated that a case had been filed against the two Police officers at the Mathugama Magistrate's Court on 7 April, 2017.

CMA further said that at this time, pressure had been exerted on the parents of the motorcyclist to drop the case and not to involve the CMA.

They said that the Mathugama Magistrate had acted in a manner so as to absolve the two Police officers of the blame while placing the blame on the youth who had ridden the motorcycle.

But it is clear to CMA that the offence committed by the youth only falls under the Motor Traffic Act but those committed by the two cops comes under the purview of the Penal Code.

CMA therefore, requests the relevant officials to conduct an impartial probe into the conduct of the Mathugama Chief Magistrate and to mete out justice in the case.




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