SLMC rally attacked in Palamunai Hakeem blames Bathiudeen’s ACMC

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By 2018-01-16

By Our Ampara Correspondent

An election rally held in Palamunai on 14 January which was addressed by Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Leader and Minister Rauff Hakeem in support of his Party candidates in the Local Government polls came under attack, being jeered at, pelted......with stones, and the power supply being disrupted.

Thereafter, the organizers of the meeting were compelled to increase the Police protection and continue with the meeting.

Hakeem addressing the gathering blamed those who had left the SLMC and joined the All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) led by Minister Rishad Bathiudeen as being responsible for the hooliganism at the Palamunai election rally.

Minister Hakeem also pointed out that the uncivilized acts of the ACMC had clearly indicated the political bankruptcy of the Party.

Addressing the rally further, in spite of the disturbances from outside of the stage, he said, "Those who left us have been raising a number of questions regarding me. If I answer all the questions, they will feel that the problems are solved and that people will understand who is wrong and who is right. Thereafter, the masses will come to know who the real enemies are and who the genuine and ardent SLMCers are. That is why they are disrupting the public meetings and behaving in an uncivilized manner." Minister Hakeem further added that allegations levelled at him by those who had left the Party were utterly baseless and sans any hint of the truth. "They say that I am for money and that during elections I have been bargaining to achieve my targets. What these frustrated persons want is positions, and they believe that these positions they seek should not be taken away from them and instead the positions should be elevated to higher positions. When this is refused I am branded as a bad man and subjected to criticism." During the course of his speech, he detailed some of the allegations levelled at him and how he had solved some of the problems amicably.

"Whatever these frustrated persons say and however much they criticize us, the public are aware and how we maintain our genuineness. So, we need not bother about the hooting and stones being pelted at the stage.

" Parliamentarians M.I.M. Mansoor and M.H.M. Salman, Party Chairman Abdul Majeed, former Provincial Minister A.L.M. Nazeer, former Eastern Provincial Councillors Arif Samsudeen and A.L.M. Thavam, SLMC's Palamunai Organizer M. Aliyar and several other Party Officials too were present.




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