The Oddest President Ever!

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By 2018-01-20

My goodness! There have been presidents and presidents from the utterly cruel and murderous like Stalin and foolish and choc-full-of-vanity like the present head of North Korea. But there have been humane ones like Abraham Lincoln and clever, charismatic ones like Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy.

Actually Obama is in a class by himself, without any vices like Kennedy had, and such a good family man. He served two terms as Prez of the United States with never even a whisper of scandal though of course many Americans did not take to him because of his mixed parentage. Yet he was elected by a very popular vote in spite of his having Hussein as his second name, his African father being a Muslim into the bargain. Now America has a maverick of the first order, a man who is said to have a short attention span and is dismal in his foreign policy not knowing where and what Ukraine is. And he was selected President of the United States of America, the most powerful position to be in, worldwide.

President Donald Trump is about to celebrate one year, holding the exalted position of leader of the free world. But the hunt by respected administrators is going on to impeach the President. Thus he cried: "I'm the victim of the greatest witch hunt in political history" after his 100th day as Prez of the US of America; buttering up the Arabs one day and the Jews the next.

President Nixon had the single charge of Watergate levelled at him – the break into the headquarters of the Democrats in Washington DC, either suggested by him or connived with. In contrast, Trump has many accusing fingers pointing at him, the one with most weightage being that he "divulged highly sensitive classified information gleaned by Israeli spies to visiting Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov." There is also the accusation that with Putin's connivance the Russians tampered with the election results making Hillary Clinton lose the presidency.

He celebrates one year in the White House, admittedly the most powerful Head of State in the world and apparently with the loosest mouth and lowest IQ. The person he has been sparring with – Kim of North Korea is his double: both inflated with themselves and trading insults. Kim said he was the 'yellow orang-utan in the White House' and Trump refers to Kim as 'Rocket Man'! A few of Trump's inexcusable quotes are given below. Some of the more personal remarks caused this woman so much blushing that she just could not include them.

"An extremely credible source has called my office and told that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fraud." This outrageous statement made against an incumbent Prez and in the US where they shudder at anything sounding racist, actually boomeranged on him, but he persisted.

"All of the women in The Apprentice flirted with me either consciously or unconsciously." What a stupid egotist who couldn't see the truth of the matter.

"One of the key problems is that politics is such a despicable thing. Good people don't go into government." Talk of looking up and spitting! The Sinhala language would have pithy retorts.

"It's freezing and snowing in New York. We need global warming." This woman rolled around on her sofa laughing when first she read this. Rich, coming from the Head of State who shunned the Paris meeting on global warming. He is so ignorant though global warming is recognized as a menace even by animals.

"My fingers are long and beautiful, as it has been well known and documented, as the various other parts of my body." He was laughed at for being inadequate and this was his reply!!

The man who said these is supposedly the leader of the democratic world!!

By Kumari




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