India’s Marg ERP to expand in SL

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By 2018-01-21

India's leading business solution software provider, Marg ERP Ltd, said they are moving forward with their business expansion plans in Sri Lanka.

The company was established two years ago and has grown strongly since. Marg ERP's international business development team is traveling to Colombo to meet existing partners, the Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association, various IT hardware and software vendors, and other trade-specific clients in Sri Lanka, an Indian media outlet recently stated.

These meetings and activities have been planned while keeping in mind that Sri Lanka is emerging as a global IT destination of choice in a number of key areas. Marg ERP - who is the top priority for the pharmaceutical industry for software solutions to their inventory and accounting management - can add a lot of value to similar sectors in Sri Lanka.

A number of meetings are slated between 15-25 January 2018, to discuss the strengthening of business partner networking to make it more proficient. Adding new business partners and upgrading skills of existing ones is high on the agenda. Marg will be meeting Sri Lankan Government representatives in this regard.

Marg along with their partners will be meeting relevant authorities to explore new business prospects. They will discuss with potential clients/business associates Marg products, capabilities and USPs. The aim is also to understand Sri Lankan industry requirements and come up with solutions. The company also wants to appoint more local representatives as Marg employees in Colombo, to provide support to its partners.

The company also plans to explore opportunities for increasing Marg's presence in the Sri Lankan market. To increase their visibility, Marg ERP also plans to organize road shows and a media blitzkrieg (including engagement with the social media) in the Sri Lankan capital.

"Marg ERP is now set on a path of expansion. With its dedicated approach towards customers, technology and innovation, Marg wants to strengthen its existing network outside India and capture new opportunities for profitable business growth abroad," said Marg ERP Managing Director Sales and Marketing, Sudhir Singh.

Marg has over 900,000 users, employs 5,000 professionals in over 700 offices and does business with more than 20 countries globally. (IG)




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