Kala Sarpa Yoga will test sustainability of government

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By 2018-01-21

By Jayantha Ekanayake

Dawn of a New Year motivates people to have positive thoughts and move forward with a refreshed mindset, had there been bitter experiences in the past year. The period ahead needs to be positively perceived and whatever future situations one may come across need to be dealt righteously.

It goes without saying that planets are closely linked to human existence and we are therefore connected to nature. Human beings cannot be separated from the universe; thus the interrelationship between the universe and humankind cannot be ignored. The dawn of 2018 occurred under a 'semi Kala Sarpa Yoga'. Jupiter the lord of the 1st House was conjunct with Mars in the 11th House which was said to be inimical. Meanwhile, Saturn moves at a slow pace in the House of Sagittarius. Moon the ruling planet of human mind and the lord of the 8th are posited in between Rahu located in the 2nd and Kethu posited in the 8th while they are being asepcted by Saturn. This has formed a 'Vishama Kala Sarpa Yoga'.

In taking basic astrological teachings into consideration, it is said that the five basic elements such as Apo, Thejo ,Vayo, Patavi and Akasha are under the shade of negative rays at present. People might become confused since Moon is malefic. The asterism in which the Year started doesn't seem auspicious on the financial front. People might come under pressure due to financial constraints. National educational mechanism seems to be on the verge of numerous issues. Sun being conjunct with Venus and Saturn in the House of Sagittarius might produce unfavourable results. Instability in politics could be clearly viewed in addition to constant struggle between the two main rival parties. Certain responsible leaders may have to step down from their current positions. Artistes might find it hard to deal with the happenings in the year ahead. Ordinary people might experience turmoil due to various social and environmental issues. Ethnic and religious issues as well as protests might test the sustainability of the government. Semi Kala Sarpa Yoga that may result in accidents and natural disasters will exert pressure on humans. By and large, all the zodiacal signs seem to be under malefic effects. Specially, those who undergo the main and interim periods of Rahu, Kethu, Moon, Mars and Saturn ought to be extra cautious. For success, you need to be leading a religious and righteous life by spreading loving-kindness. May there be peace!




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