Season for Marriage and Construction

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By 2018-01-21

By Sampath S. Kalpage

Sun as the head and the ruler of the zodiac entered the sign Capricorn on 14 January 2018 at 1.46 p.m. The Sun was strengthened at the onset of Uttarayana or its northward journey that marked the end of winter. Therefore it is a suitable time for marriage and house construction although Capricorn is rival to Sun.

During this period the energy from the Sun is regarded as much powerful. It is a period of abundance when trees and vines bear fruit. It is a joyous season for youth as love affairs strengthen of some and cupid's arrows strike others.
It is also an auspicious period as Sun moves within the constellation of Utrasala which belongs to the Sun itself. This planetary formation will remain until Tuesday 13 February.

The Kona Masa period that started on 15 December 2015 too will come to an end with this.
Sun combined with Venus that was already transiting Capricorn, ruled by Saturn on 14 January. On 6 January at 7.46 p.m. Mercury entered Sagittarius. Saturn is also in Sagittarius. Jupiter, Mars, Kethu and Rahu are transiting Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.

This is expected to result in an increased number of road and rail accidents, other calamities, climatic changes rough seas, air crashes, violence and tension in the political arena. An important event will occur as regards the future of our country. The country will experience the demise of an intellectual. Sun in Capricorn will create very auspicious timings for house construction. From 14 January 2018 to Wednesday 14 March is a good time for marriage, foundation laying and housewarming ceremonies and construction of places of worship, irrigation canals and swimming pools. Those who come under the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Leo will have auspicious results and those who come under Aries and Scorpio will have inauspicious results. The remaining signs will have average results.

Engaging in religious activities will eliminate malefic influence.




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