Cancer Causing Vastu Defects

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By 2018-01-21

By Janaka Priyantha Dayaratne

When Vastu of a house is being examined, it is important to determine the 'Brahma Pada' or the centre of the building. Thereafter the directions should be ascertained with the use of a compass. Although we frequently predict the consequences of defects that are formed in different directions, systematical analysis of diseases that can be caused due to Vastu defects is rarely found.

According to ancient Vastu Shastra, it is important to be aware of the preliminary factors that cause defects in the bodily humours (Vata, Pitta, Kapha/phlegm) as found in Ayurveda. It is mentioned that defects found in the North-east and the centre of the house cause phlegm diseases. Pitta conditions are caused by defects in the North-east and the South-west. Vatha conditions are caused by defects found in the South-west and the North-west. Accordingly it is apt to say that various defects found in different directions may even pose serious health threats.

If a wall is built over the centre of the house, when there is a kitchen or a toilet built in the centre or the centre is frequently stepped on by people, blood diseases that cause disorders in the legs can occur. Some Vastu architects do not seem to be paying adequate attention to the defects caused due to changing the momentum of the space by treading the central location of a house . It is due to treating it as a random occurrence and not a frequent happening. Here it is important to realize that a sudden impact is more forceful than a regular weight on that place. As an example it is changing the momentum if someone is jumping on a certain spot rather than standing on that place. A point is not pierced merely by keeping a nail with a hammer on top of it. But when it is hammered hard it will start to pierce that point. This phenomenon of application of power for short durations is known in physics as Impulsive Force.

When such an impact is caused on the centre of the house what happens? It will impede the earth energy emanating within the space confined by the walls. This may lead to the reduction of one half of the energy received in the centre of the house. Therefore the centre being weighed down may cause serious repercussions as regards the inhabitants of the house. In some cases it may lead to heart disease as well.
However such major defects too can be removed through Pyra -Vastu or pyramids by eliminating the influence that causes the defect and not merely removing the defect.

In addition modern Vastu architecture introduces defects that were not mentioned in the conventional Vastu Shastra. Amongst them, attached bathrooms form the most serious defect when it is attached in the North-east. The western experiments have proved that even cancer was caused in such situations. Although conclusions have not been drawn in this connection, the defect is minimized with a Natrone mixture that contains salt and pyramid structures kept on the boundary between the room and the bathroom.

Therefore one should understand that defects in a house may cause ill health and instead of demolishing the structures the defects could be defused through the use of a pyramid apparatus.




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