To free State institution heads held hostage 6 STF special units in Colombo

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By 2018-01-23

By Chamara Amarasuriya

The Special Task Force (STF) has decided to shortly set up six weapon and strategy units, attached to it, targeting the Colombo District, in a bid to combat protesters who inconvenience the public on the streets to win various demands as well as those who take heads of Government institutions hostage, Police Department sources said.

According to the Police, this STF units will be tasked with freeing any head of a Government institution who is forcibly detained in office as well as tackling public protests and demonstrations.

The STF was also recently responsible for freeing Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Chairman W. Ganegala who was forcibly held in his office by a group of CEB trade unionists for over four hours on 17 January.




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