Planetary combines that portend death or other misfortunes to mother

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By 2018-02-04

By Vishwamitra

The science of Astrology is so advanced, it is possible not only to predict the death of or misfortune for father, mother, brothers and sisters or even a close relative through a careful study of the horoscope of a newborn, but also as to when that tragedy would occur.

In this article we propose to discuss a few planetary combinations or positions in the horoscope of a newborn which portend death or other misfortune for mother.

In a Natal Chart, the 4th House represents, among other things, mother. The planetary combinations and positions that influence the 4th House can say what fortune or misfortune is in store for Mother.
For those born during the day, (between the sunrise and the sunset) Venus represents mother. Moon represents Mother for those born during the night (between the sundown and the sunup).

A few planetary combinations that portend death or other misfortune for mother are given below.
1. Saturn in conjunction with the lord of the 4th House or Moon will kill mother early.
2. If born when Rahu, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus are in the 2nd House, mother will die soon. Father too will not live long.
3. If only malefics are posited in trines (150 degrees) away from Moon, mother will die within six months of the birth of the child.
4. If Moon is posited in the Lagna when Saturn and Mars also occupy the same degree of the sign, mother will die shortly after childbirth. Father too will die soon after.

5. A person born when there are malefics occupying the 4th, 10th and the 12th Houses with no aspect from benefics will flee from the country after killing both mother and father.
6. If born with Moon posited in the 6th, Mars in the 7th, and Saturn in the 10th, both mother and the newborn would die soon after childbirth.
7. If born when Moon is in a sign with malefics when there are other malefics in the 7th or the 8th sign away from it, mother will die or undergo much suffering.

8. Mother will be unable to nurse the child if the latter is born when Sun is posited in the 7th House in exaltation or debilitation.
9. If the malefics are in the Lagna or the Lagna is hemmed between malefics, mother will not live long.
Mother may suffer death or other misfortune due to factors other than those indicated in the horoscope of the newborn child. One should not think that the child is responsible for the death or misfortune of mother indicated in its horoscope. Mother only reaps the results of her own Karma. What is described as Nature, Karma or the Universal Law uses the child's horoscope as a medium to send the message.




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