effects of total lunar eclipse on 31 January

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By 2018-02-04

By Sampath S. Kalpage

Two total lunar eclipses have been envisaged to occur this year. One of them occurred on Wednesday 31 January- the Full Moon day. The eclipse happened in Cancer Rashi that comes under Moon at 7.01 p.m. in the 1st Pada of the Aslisa astrerism. A total lunar eclipse is assumed as a harmful event having special significance. Having occurred in a Jala Rashi (water sign) it is presumed that there would be water related disasters.

In the map of planets, Mercury is currently located in Capricorn since its transition on 28 of last month. When Sun entered Capricorn on 14 January it combined with Mercury and in addition Mars entered Scorpio on 17 January. Further Venus is placed in Capricorn from 13 January. Kethu is placed in Capricorn while Moon and Rahu are placed in Cancer. Therefore the significant planets such as Sun, Mercury, Venus and Kethu are placed in the 12th House which is the House of expenses in Sri Lankan horoscope that comes under Aquarius is not a benefic situation.

A period of three days prior to and after an eclipse in which Moon is eclipsed by Rahu is considered bad for any auspicious work. The day of occurrence too cannot be used for any auspicious activity.

Total eclipse
A total eclipse is when Moon is totally covered by the shadow of earth. During this period Moon is not totally dark and seen in a dark copper -red colour. This is due to the dense atmosphere of earth. When sun rays move through the atmosphere, due to the phenomenon called dispersion, the white light is divided into its different colours creating the shadow of earth. At this moment, the part of earth's shadow that is cast on the Moon is comprised of red colour causing the Moon to appear in red.

Total eclipse
The time taken by a total eclipse is 3.8 hrs. The speed of rotating Moon is roughly one km per second. Accordingly in a total eclipse Moon would be covered by the shadow of earth for nearly 107 minutes.

Lunar eclipse is the phenomenon created due to the alignment of earth in between Moon and the Sun. A lunar eclipse takes place on Full Moon days and Solar eclipse takes place on New Moon days. Unlike a solar eclipse a lunar eclipse would be visible to all places where night occurs.

The occurrence of a total eclipse denotes malefic influence on our country and the world and the 12 zodiac signs in general. It is not beneficial for administrators. There will be obstacles against administration.

Due to this lunar eclipse there could be powerful climatic changes all over the world including our country. There would be rough seas, hot conditions and sudden strong winds. The period will be marked by tension in the field of education and among youth. Those who have committed large scale thefts and offences will be aptly punished. It is not a good period for clergy and other distinguished persons. Narcotic dealers will be dealt with a heavy hand. The economy of the country will experience a setback. The price of commodities will rise. This would create adverse conditions to the current government. People will not experience much relief during the period. People will be affected by sudden changes in climate. Accidents, robberies, fire accidents, other mishaps and crimes such as violence against women could increase.

Epidemic diseases and deaths due to accidents will be rampant. Adverse effects will also be felt by the fabric and ornament markets. Dengue and other contageous diseases will raise their heads. A powerful earthquake may happen overseas and many lives would be lost. Certain nations would be at war.

Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars are affected by this eclipse and although a lunar eclipse does not have much effect on individual natal charts Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus will experience some negative effects while other signs will have average results. It is advisable to engage in religious and spiritual activities to protect oneself from the harmful effects.




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