Law and order is quite weak

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By 2018-02-07

BY Mirudhula Thambiah

Tamil National Council (TNC) Mayoral Candidate for Jaffna Visvalingam Manivannan said If a political solution with Police powers to local councils are achieved, they will be in a position to implement stern action against the drug dealers in Jaffna through which the problem can be brought under control.

Following are excerpts of the interview:

The TNA and your party had put forward similar manifestos at the upcoming elections. How will you differentiate your party's identity at the LG elections?

A: We have designed a project proposal to develop Jaffna city by 2020. This project will mainly target developing the infrastructure of Jaffna Municipality. I don't think any of the parties have designed such a project for the development of Jaffna.

We have examined up to eight wards of the Jaffna Municipality to develop the infrastructure.

This is not just an election promise. We will not opt out of our promises and ensure its implementation. This will include a proper plan for garbage disposal, purified water and employment opportunities.

We will re-design Jaffna city by adopting new traffic plans and modern parking areas. Our motto is to make Jaffna a clean city.

Do you think the budget allocation provided by the Central Government will be adequate to implement your projects?

A: We have analyzed the project very well and are confident that the allocations will be adequate. The annual income of the Jaffna Municipality is Rs 1100 million. If we allocate the income for the people and their needs we will be able to implement our projects.

What does your manifesto promise for the grass roots level people?

A: We will provide employment opportunities for these people by establishing small industries. We have also targeted to boost tourism within the Jaffna Municipality and that will generate employment opportunities for low income grass roots level people.
We will not give fake promises that we can surely provide employment opportunities for them but we promise that we can increase the chances of obtaining a job.

Recently people were disturbed over the building of 1, 000 Buddhist temples in the North and East according to the election manifesto of the UNP. How do you view this situation?

A: Local Councils should provide permission to build a structure within a specific area. The law says that the permission of local government and the opinion of the people should be obtained to build places of worship.

Therefore, we can assure that we will not give any permission to build such temples,against the expectations of people.

Why does your party always depend on and highlight the international community? How can they directly participate in the development activities of local councils?

A: Local government can sign twin city agreements through which many development activities can be implemented. There is already an agreement between the Jaffna Municipal Council and Toronto City Council.

How would you tackle the drug issue within Jaffna if you become the Mayor?

A: During the time of the LTTE, the drug issues never came up. If it can be curbed then, why cannot we control this issue now?

We must agree that the implementation of law and order is quite weak.

If we achieve a political solution with Police powers for local councils, we will be in a position to take stern action against the drug dealers through which the problem can be brought under control.




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