I adopt a vagrant

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By 2018-02-11

By Risidra Mendis
Ceylon Today Features

My father calls her the 'Mother of All Troubles' and of course with valid reason. However, her name is Mother Dog. She was named Mother Dog for obvious reasons. She was responsible for adding three puppies to a household that already had six adult dogs.

Mother Dog for some reason felt that I would take care of her puppies and didn't hesitate in first producing four puppies and then six puppies. The first four puppies – two males and two females, were delivered in a neighbour's garden a few years ago. The two males were re-homed when they were around two to three months old. But as always nobody wanted the two females. One day when Mother Dog was crossing the road to get to my gate to have her morning meal, her two puppies decided to follow her and unfortunately one of her female puppies got run over outside our gate. Her remaining female puppy was taken in by me and named 'Lady' by my father.

Mother Dog's second litter of six puppies were conveniently delivered in my garden three months later. Luckily for me I was able to re-home four of the second litter of six puppies and the two remaining puppies were named 'Pinky' and 'Polly' by my father.
Before Mother Dog was adopted by me she used to check out the garbage dumps in the area for food. But gone are the days when Mother Dog ate from garbage dumps. Mother Dog no longer remembers the food she ate from garbage dumps, because she now gets fresh fish and chicken for her meals. If she feels that there isn't enough chicken in her meal she refuses to eat. For a dog that ate from garbage dumps that is quite a demand. But nevertheless Mother Dog gets what she wants just like the rest of the canines at home.

Then one day Mother Dog decided to escape. She happily ran down the road that was all too familiar for her, much to the alarm of my father. My father could not chase after her, so he decided to stop a known trishaw driver on the road and chase after Mother Dog who was happily enjoying her escape after many months of been kept confined to a house and garden. My father was finally able to locate Mother Dog running down the road. She was of course caught by my father and brought back home in the trishaw.
Mother Dog who had no home at one time and had to find shelter during the rainy season today has a cloth to sleep on and a roof over her head. She sleeps on cushioned chairs and the coffee table when she gets tired of sleeping on her cloth. However Mother Dog's comfort of sleeping on cushioned chairs was soon over. The cushions were removed from the chairs after Mother Dog made a hole in one of them. So now Mother Dog sleeps on chairs without cushions.

Due to her comfortable life and regular meals Mother Dog has now decided that she doesn't want to escape anymore. Her comfortable life is too good to give up now. When she is let out of the house Mother Dog runs to the gate and peeps through the gap between the gate and looks at the road that she knows so well but makes no effort to go beyond the gate. 'No more puppies' what a relief.




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