Glitteray Finery of Elegant Sliver

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By 2018-02-11

By Menaka Indrakumar

Rayhana Jiffry is a young entrepreneur who is the founder of the successful online jewellery brand Glitteray. Her nickname and passion put together to create simple and elegant sliver pieces of jewellery.

The brand originated back in 2014 and four years on, she has many followers on social media praising her unique designs. She has launched her latest Valentine's Day collection, which is capturing the attention of many jewellery lovers.
Glamour caught up with designer behind the brand.

When did the brand originate?

The brand originated from a brain storming session. I wanted something very trendy yet authentic. We played with the two words 'Glitter and Ray' (my nickname) and came up with 'Glitteray.'

Why Sliver Jewellery?

Silver jewellery is a fast growing trend internationally. It is an easy metal to work with to create designs and it appeals to a large market.

How different is your jewellery from the rest?

We are a design conscious company. Our jewellery pieces express creativity and personality. They are dainty and can be worn every day. It is different from the traditional mainstream pieces.

Tell us something about the Valentine's Day Collection?

The designs are fun, upbeat and self-expressive – making them truly unique. We have five collections for Valentines -
A personalized Name Necklace Collection, Men's Rings, Men's Bangles, Solitaire Heart Rings and Couple Rings. They can all be personalized and engraved with names, dates or quotes. Making them authentic, thoughtful and precious.

Was jewellery something you always wanted to specialize in?

Design was something I was interested in. I think jewellery truly helps someone express their personality and creativity.

What are the most popular pieces at Glitteray?

The most popular design is the personalized name necklace for her and name bracelet for him.

How updated is the online page?

Our social media platforms are always current with the designs and promotions.

Will you be showcasing your designs at any fashion shows soon?

There are plans underway. We will announce it when it is official.




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