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Rice is the staple food in many Asian countries including Sri Lanka and is often eaten for all three meals. In the process of cooking rice, water that is used to wash rice is often drained and wasted, but that can be used to treat skin as well as hair. Rice water had been extensively used by ancient women in Asian countries such as China and Japan to treat hair and to obtain longer, healthier, manageable and black hair.

Even today, many women who are fans of rice water claim that it helps repair damaged hair and prevents hair breakage while promoting hair growth. Rice water also works as a natural conditioner for hair.

Rice water is said to contain vitamins B, C and E which help nourishing the skin and the scalp. It also contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which minimize the damage caused by free radicals during the process of ageing. So, rice water can be a good anti-ageing beauty treatment.

Many Asian women who use rice water for their skin have experienced that rice water helps tighten the saggy skin and help shrink pores on facial skin. It is also used to treat acne, pimples and blemishes on face and proven treatment to enhance skin

Rice water is commonly prepared in three ways and each is an effective care to the hair and skin.

Rice Wash
Rice wash is obtained after rinsing rice and it is an easy and effortless process. Organic rice is highly recommended for eating as well preparing rice water for the beauty purposes as it has no or very less toxic substances or chemicals. When making rice wash, first wash off the rice lightly to remove any dirt and then soak the rice for five minutes and wash well to obtain highly nutritious rice wash. Thus obtained rice wash can be used for the face as well as hair.

Pour the rice wash in a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator and use it as a face wash and a toner. You can also pour the rice wash into a spray bottle to use as a skin toner. Sprinkle the rice wash on your face after washing face and leave on. This works as an excellent skin toner and can be used regularly instead of your present toner which is made of chemicals.
You can also sprinkle rice water on your skin to soothe skin irritation caused by rashes and allergies. Rice water is also a good treatment for sun burns due to its cooling effect.

Boiled rice wash
You can also prepare boiled rice water at the time of cooking rice. When preparing boiled rice water, you need to add three times more water to the rice than you usually use when cooking rice. When the rice starts boiling, you can strain the additional water and leave sufficient water in the rice cooker for the rest of the rice to be cooked. Boiled rice water is highly concentrated and you can add a tea spoon of lime juice and little water to dilute the rice water concentration to use as a face wash. Apart from using as a face wash, the thick solution of rice water can be used as a face mask too.

You can also use the boiled rice water as a hair mask. Massage the boiled rice water into your scalp and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse off.

The leftover boiled rice water can be stored in the refrigerator up to a week.

Fermented Rice Wash
Fermented rice water can be made by letting the rice wash ferment for 12-24 hours in the room temperature. It is said that the composition of the rice wash transforms during fermentation process. It is scientifically proven that the pH value of fermented rice water is consistent with the pH value of hair. Hence, fermented rice water can be an ideal hair treatment.

It is also found out that during the process of fermentation of rice, a chemical substance called Pitera is released which helps regeneration of cells in skin. Fermented rice water can be used as a facial wash and can be added when making face masks. It helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines and reduces scars.

Apart from application of the rice water on skin and scalp, many people in Sri Lanka prefer drinking boiled rice water for health purposes due to high nutrients present in the boiled rice water. Some people prefer drinking the raw rice water that is obtained by washing rice after removing the dirt.

You can also make a body and face scrub with rice, if you use rice specially to prepare rice water. Without wasting the rice grins that are used to prepare rice water, you can finely grind the rice and add lime juice and olive oil (you can also add coconut oil if you prefer) to the grinded rice to make rice scrub. This rice scrub will exfoliate your skin while giving it essential nourishment.
Rice water can be easily prepared at home as a part of your daily beauty regime and is totally cost effective. By making use of the drained rice water to enhance your beauty, you can minimize the wastage while saving on expensive skin and hair care products.




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