Meaning of sights and sounds

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By 2018-02-11

By Sanjeeva Kumala Rangalla

Omens are the signs that are supposed to symbolize a future happening when we are setting off on a journey or starting a new activity. Omens may include people, sounds and various animals among others. We always resort to remedies to avert inauspicious results. After long usage these practices become traditions.

The omens commonly known by most of us are the four sights seen by prince Siddhartha. He saw an old man, a sick man, a dead body and an ascetic. In addition to what we see through our eyes, our dreams too may indicate omens. If the omen brings good results they are known as auspicious and if they bring bad results they are known as inauspicious.

Our findings with regard to remedies that have become traditions confirm this view. At ceremonies, ensemble known as Hevisi and Magul Bera are played and conch shells are blown to fade out any inauspicious sound that may occur at that moment.
Before someone leaves on an auspicious journey a handful of white flowers are put in a glass of water and brought before him by a person who is most dear to him. In the past cages of Mynahs birds and parrots, Pun Kalas and auspicious pictures were placed in front of the house to make them the first auspicious sights to be spotted when a person is leaving.

In a funeral procession percussion instruments were played in order to inform the passersby of the inauspicious omen that was approaching.

Even in today's society chirping of a gecko or a wood pecker and fighting cats are regarded as highly inauspicious omens. It is also regarded as highly defective to start and activity or a journey when another is sneezing. Although sneezing is a biological phenomenon it's seeped in society as a moment of being remembered or abused by someone else(practically it can be proved as correct after research). Although foxes can be a usual sight in a village, howling sound of foxes is regarded as an inauspicious sound. In villages howling of owls, calls made by a crane while flying over a house and howling of even the domestic dogs is believed to be signs of an impending death. A vehicle that hit a cat is normally sold believing that it is an omen of an impending accident.

Even in urban areas it is believed that one may have visitors if a common crow would caw in a different meter. When small flying insects known as Meru are emanating from the ground, fishermen know that their sprats harvest would be abundant on the next day. It can be described as having a scientific reasons behind it. Gulls flying in the sky forecast impending rain.
All of us have heard that before the tsunami of 2005 animals made different sounds forecasting the impending disaster. In the science of omens these omens are categorized as follows:

Agatha Nimitta: The nature of animals or people one meets when starting an auspicious activity or a journey. This can be divided as auspicious and inauspicious. People in rags, beggars, mentally challenged and substances such as charcoal, firewood are supposed to be bad omens.

Gata Nimitta: This is similar to the above but those that walk towards the same direction or those who turn to a different direction from the front.

Darshana Nimitta: The onset of a journey; This is the first omen sighted by someone when staring an activity. Depending on the sight it can be categorized as good and bad. Mating cats and crows is believed to cause rift in the family.
Bhashana Nimitta: The sound made by someone near us at the starting of an activity is known by this name. Pirith, sweet words, and music are believed to be good omens.
Shravana Nimitta: The good sounds that are heard belong to this category. Hearing these sounds will bring benefic results and bad sounds bring malefic results.

Chittarambhana Nimitta: The thought is highly powerful. The thoughts that come to the mind at the beginning of an activity is known by this name. If the activity is started with the thought that it will be successful, the activity will be successful and one started with uncertain thoughts are presumed to become unsuccessful.




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