Is spiritualism an occult science?

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By 2018-02-11

By Bandu Abeysundara

The Oxford dictionary of Current English-7th edition 1987, defines spiritualism is as the belief that spirits of the dead communicate with the living, especially through mediums.

According to my belief, spiritualism could be further redefined as 'a moral conduct with a refined and pure inner consciousness, devoid of an 'I' concept inside of the spiritualist, thus being under control of varying occult powers, equipping the spiritualist with the insight and wisdom needed for comprehension of the divinity of the universe, so that the spiritualist would finally be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, especially with regard to questions raised by the living.

Interaction and feedback from the spirits of the dead have been eye witnessed and reported worldwide from time to time and is not at all a mystery today.

The gift of spiritualism is attained by a very limited number of people amongst the whole population of a country. The traditional belief is that people who are born in lower realms can only be reached out to or called upon for inter-communication with the living people while all good people are born in upper realms of births, and thus cannot be reached for communication.
The web page of an American Organization, engaged in research work on occultism unfolds as follows:

"Spiritualists come from every walk of life. We are bankers, builders, nurses, teachers, bookkeepers, sales clerks, electricians - any and all professions are attracted to Spiritualism. Every place you find thinking men and women coming together, you will find Spiritualists. Spiritualism is a science, philosophy and religion that satisfy both your logic and your mind and your heart. As the population contemplates the current conditions in the world today, they are seeking a greater understanding of the purpose of life and what can be done to improve individual life situations and the circumstances of the world. Spiritualism gives a person the key that can be used to find the answers she/he seeks. Spiritualism provides the knowledge that by using prayer and meditation, we can become more aware of our responsibilities to ourselves and to others. Through this inner awareness and guidance received through spirit communications, a person takes the necessary actions to improve his or her own life and contributes to the improved welfare of the entire human race".

Spiritualists, through contact made with those that have passed on to the other side, affirm the interrelatedness of all life. One clue that a person is beginning to become further in-tuned and more cosmic is when the egoistic, self-serving portion of the individual diminishes and the universal consciousness comes to the forefront. Prominent in this consciousness is the awareness of the Universal Laws".

It is at this time that a true incident connected with spiritualism which I myself witnessed somewhere in 1982 comes to my mind; it happened after my returning to Sri Lanka for a brief vacation from the company where I worked in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There a Sri Lankan workmate had given me a book on Zen Buddhism. The book elaborated on how to attain Nirvana instantaneously as against the standard practice of attaining Nirvana by developing wisdom gradually through repeated births in this Sanmsara. Zen Buddhism emphasized on contemplation on the transient and impermanent nature of the four elements of water, fire, air, space, matter together with higher consciousness only confined to human beings, which are the only constituents of this human life. It further elaborated on the duality of mental formations meaning good deeds exist as long as bad deeds exist; sin persists as long as merit persists; anger is with us in contrast to love and kindness, and similarly darkness prevails as light dominates. By practice of Zen Buddhism, eradication of the illusory 'I' concept is faster, quicker and involves no ritualistic and cumbersome practices which may take eons otherwise.

The very same co-worker, who also passed away a few years ago, took me to a Devale (Shrine Room) in a clean garden in Dompe in the early hours of one morning. We started early morning from Colombo at about 4 .00 a.m.

The Devale had been well illuminated while the place was also crowded with many people who were clad in white waiting until their names were called upon for communication with the departed relatives who were now troubling the inmates asking for various food items and alcoholic beverages which they lusted for while living.

On the entrance to the shrine room was a young person clad in a white sarong and a piece of red cloth wrapped around his waist and blowing a huge conch shell, while communicating with a dead person regarding a question raised by a client. The living person asked "why are you troubling us so much father?", and the dead father answered "somebody hit me on the head from behind with a wooden pole when I was walking in the lane at night on that day and that is how I died"

(To be continued.)
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