How to gain maximum from Buddhist worship

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By 2018-02-11

BY Janaka Priyantha Dayaratne

There is a system of worship in every religion. The system of Hindu worship has spread throughout the world. It undoughtedly has influence on Buddhist worship as well. It is in this context that the practice of worshipping with your palms on top of your head needs to be discussed. In this context this explanation will be more relevant to Buddhists.

The top of the body is not on your forehead but on the top of one's head. To explain its importance we should have some knowledge about cosmic energy and the miraculous shape of the pyramid that attracts this energy. Cosmic energy is flown from the North-east. Our body gets energy mainly from seven points. Due to this our aura becomes more powerful. As indicated in methods such as 'Pranic Healing', divine energy too enters the body from the top of our head as a ray. In addition if the above energy is regulated in the shape of a pyramid-top to an appliance a we make a with four triangular sides and a rectangular base it facilitates more cosmic energy to enter our body. This energizes our energy body.

In an energy body the aforementioned energy centres or Chakras are directly connected to endocrine glands that secrete hormones. This would result in a healthy body.

It is appropriate to do worship facing the North-east as this energy is flowing from the North-east. If the north-east is inconvenient there is nothing wrong in using the North or the East. Hindus have their shrine room in the North-east part of their houses. If Buddhists too would follow suite it would be conducive for the rapidly spreading interest in meditation. In the west Pyramid science is linked to the interest in meditation among them.

When considering all these factors if the shrine room in a house is located in the North, East or the North-east, more benefits can be expected. The prevailing tradition is to keep a Buddha statue of the size of 2-9 inches inside the house. It does not mean a bigger statue is inappropriate or it would be inauspicious. What is important here is not the direction faced by the statue but by the worshipper. If the statue is turned to the South-west the worshipper will be facing the North-east.

A house that has a Pooja room in the North-east should use iron sparingly as the cosmic energy coming to them could be depleted and dissipated. It is important to keep the objects such as cloth, lamps and oil in the Pooja room in an order. If it's in disarray the consequences of a disorderly North-east will be experienced.

But such observances are needed to eliminate the consequences of serious Vastu defects in the house to some degree. This could mean mundane results of averting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual negative consequences.
If the Pooja room is located in an inappropriate direction of a completed house the other Vastu defects in the house should be given more attention. Demolition to correct them could be costly and Pyra Vastu may come to your assistance in these situations. The implements connected to Pyra Vastu consists of study seats and meditation seats as well.

In addition there are implements in the shape of headgear, headbands and eye glasses that can be used in spiritual activities.
These methods would ensure smooth functioning of our families as well as the society.




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