Is it the end of the road for Mathews?

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By 2018-02-13

By T.B. Rahaman

It seems that the hamstring injury to Angelo Mathews will put an end to his cricketing career. An injury to the hamstring does not heal that easily. The only solution is to rest for as long as possible and gradually tune the muscle to the rigours and demands.

Most athletes who suffered from this injury struggled to get back to their regular running activities. This is because the injury keeps recurring when the athlete strains to take a quick run or stops suddenly. This puts much strain on the muscle that cannot take the sudden force.

Mathews has to consult the best doctors and get their advice on how to get the hamstring back to shape. There are medical treatments and the gradual toning of the muscle after a period of treatment. There are also exercises that need to be done but not before warming up properly. Some road running is most recommended to tone the hamstring muscle back to shape.

Muralidaran is just one cricketer who went to Australia to consult their best doctors and get the best treatment. Lasith Malinga who had a knee injury also had gone to Australia for treatment under the best doctors.

There is also a treatment centre in Chennai, India where they are specialized in treating complicated injuries to athletes. Many leading cricketers from around the world have obtained treatment at this centre. Dr. Azeez Mubarak is the Programme Director for the Coordinating Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation in Sri Lanka who will be able to advice Mathews on how to get to Chennai. Dr. Mubarak is the father of cricketer Jehan Mubarak who can be contacted easily.

Maybe Mathews is already getting expert advice and treatment to his injury but if it keeps recurring every time he gets on the field then there is something drastically wrong in the treatment.

Nothing is lost for him to get some advice from Dr. Mubarak and proceed to Chennai to get the best treatment.

If one has noticed at what moments Mathews felt the pinch to his hamstring muscle, it is when he strains to take a quick run between wickets. This is happening very often in recent times, which means that he has not taken the best treatment and proper recovery procedures such as exercises.

There is plenty of cricket left in Mathews and Sri Lanka needs his services for a few more years until some of the juniors are groomed to take over from the senior players in five years time.




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