SLI, Education Ministry insure schoolchildren Suraksha settles over 1,600 claims in 3 months

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By 2018-02-13

The Suraksha Insurance scheme, which was launched by the Ministry of Education in October 2017, has seen over 1,600 claims being paid by Sri Lanka Insurance to date, a press release stated.

The scheme was introduced as a gift of Free Medical and Personal Accident Cover open to all Sri Lankan schoolchildren and is facilitated by Sri Lanka Insurance, which offers the service through its network of 150 branches islandwide. The insurer has received over 4,300 insurance claims from schoolchildren during the last four months, the release added.

Suraksha consists of three main areas - Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Special Benefits - and covers all students between the ages of five and 19. Around 4.5 million schoolchildren from all walks of life studying in Government, private and international schools, as well as student priests in Pirivenas, are covered under this scheme. The scheme works on a reimbursement-of-payments basis.

The insurance cover includes surgical and hospitalization benefits of Rs 200,000 per annum, as well as outdoor patients' benefits worth Rs 10,000 for seven selected ailments. Further, there is a personal accident insurance benefit provided to both student and parents - Rs 100,000 to be paid upon the sudden accidental death of the student, as well as a cover worth

Rs 100,000 in the event of a total permanent disability and Rs 50,000 to be paid upon partial permanent disability of the student. The insurance scheme also covers parents' accidental death, where a sum of Rs 75,000 is paid to the student for such losses.
Suraksha beneficiaries are also entitled to additional benefits, such as discounts on hospitalization, discounts on consultants' fees, etc.

Launched under the theme 'Forever protect the children of the nation', the Suraksha Insurance Scheme aims to assist in both the physical and mental well-being of all Sri Lankan children by ensuring financial assistance in case of illnesses, accidents and disabilities both in and out of school, ensuring uninterrupted education for children, the release concluded.




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