Sumanthiran accepts TNA setback

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By 2018-02-13

BY Thambithurai Pratheepan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Spokesman Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran said all political parties having the same ideology as the TNA, which is to find a suitable political solution based on a federal set up, are currently in a situation to work jointly, following the outcome of the local government elections in the South.

Speaking at a media briefing in Jaffna on Sunday (11), he said, "We must forget all individual differences and work collaboratively to win a suitable political solution considering the changes that have occurred in the South through the Mahinda faction," he said.

Sumanthiran pointed out, "When we were researching on certain terms in connection to the new Constitution, the Sinhala people thought the new Constitution would divide the country and they began to reject it."

He added that TNA had secured victory in seven districts of the North-East. The party contested 56 councils and won 40. TNA had managed to obtain more votes compared to 2015 in other districts except Jaffna.

"Compared to the victory secured by the Mahinda faction, the TNA has secured victory too," he said.

"We will further study the situation as to why TNA faced a setback in the Jaffna District and take necessary steps to overcome such situations in future," he said.

The changes that have taken place in the South are a blow to the political aspirations of Tamil people. Some political parties campaigned against the constitutional reforms asking the people to reject it. However this is not the reason for the set back faced by the TNA in the Jaffna District, he said.

The change that occurred in the South has turned out to be a challenge in obtaining a new Constitution to solve the national question. Therefore, the TNA is ready to join hands with political parties that are on the same wave length, believing that a federal system will be suitable for the issue.




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