Ranjan says result a blessing in disguise

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By 2018-02-13

By Kalana Krishantha

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake says that the result of the local government elections would be a blessing in disguise as it would lead to the culprits in the previous and current Governments being punished.The United National Party Parliamentarian said, "The people gave a red alert to the Government regarding corruption issues. Instead of catching the thieves of the previous regime of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, these people in our Party started to rob the country. The bond scam is the cause of the big loss at the polls. There are some other issues like the increasing cost of living and climate change related natural disasters that have also played a role in this outcome."

"However, the Rajapaksas (the family of Mahinda Rajapaksa) should not celebrate this as a big victory and nor should they request that the Government or the Prime Minister should resign. Even now, the mandate of 8 January, 2015 has been confirmed by the current results, when we add all the votes of the previous Presidential Election coalition partners, where we achieved 53% votes while the Rajapaksas obtained only 44%. Therefore, it is not such a big deal to be celebrated," he added.When Ceylon Today queried as to why catching the robbers has been delayed, the Deputy Minister said that certain powerful persons within the Government were interrupting the process. "The investigations related to journalists Lasantha Wickramathunga and Prageeth Ekneligoda and many other cases have already been concluded. The problem is that the law has not been enforced against the culprits. For former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, there is continuous protection from the judiciary which prevents him being arrested. These people can make deals with various politicians and hide from the law, but the natural law or karma will be against them."




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