Palagala Pradeshiya Sabha draw Suranga Rathnayake declared winner

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By 2018-02-13

A United National Party (UNP) candidate was selected as the winner of the Dambulu Halmillewa Ward of the Palagala Pradeshiya Sabha on 11 February from a draw.

The draw had to be conducted because this UNP candidate and a Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) candidate received the same number of votes.The UNP candidate, Suranga Rathnayake is a nephew of Anura Rathnayaka, the SLPP candidate who received the same number of votes. Anura Rathnayaka was also a former Chairman of the Palagala Pradeshiya Sabha.According to the new electoral system, if two candidates receive equal votes in a particular ward, a draw is conducted to select the winner.

This incident will go down in history as the first example of such an instance under the new electoral system.

The draw was conducted at the Anuradhapura Central Counting Centre under the scrutiny of the District Secretary.This is the first time Suranga Rathnayake contested in an election.




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