Nine years in temporary shelters Kili residents request for speedy solution

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By 2018-02-14

By Yathu Bashkaran

Nine years after the end of war, thousands of families continue to live in temporary shelters in Kilinochchi. The Government had initiated numerous programmes, to provide permanent housing, in accordance with its post-war resettlement mechanism, to those who were resettled in Kilinochchi after the final phase of the war.

However, it is reported that many continue to live in temporarily set up shelters, awaiting assistance from the authorities. According to statistics given by the Kilinochchi District Secretariat, approximately 11,000 families are yet to receive permanent houses.

The majority of the residents are reported to be in Karachchi, Kandavalai, Poonakary, and Pachchilaippalli Divisions of the Kilinochchi District. Residents have said that they face numerous difficulties during extreme weather conditions. They have stated that the shelters become unlivable during the heat and on rainy days.

Accordingly, they are also vulnerable to contagious diseases owing to the unhealthy conditions of the temporary shelters.




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