Rats gnaw bodies in N’Eliya Gen Hospital morgue

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By 2018-02-14

By Niranjala Ariyawansha

Two bodies which were in the Nuwara Eliya General Hospital morgue, considered as one of the oldest morgues in the country, had been attacked by rats during the last couple of days, reports reaching Ceylon Today revealed.

Director of the Nuwara Eliya General Hospital Dr. Aruna Jayasekera, responding to our queries in this regard said, even previously bodies in the morgue had been bitten and eaten by rats.

However, a Hospital Spokesman revealed that this had taken place when the.....bodies were entrusted to the funeral parlour.
Two days ago, the toe of the remains of a youth, who died by drowning, had been eaten by rats up to the skeletal bone, after the body was taken by the parlour, parlour employees had disclosed.

In the same way, employees of the parlour have informed the relatives of a youth who died by committing suicide in High Forest, Nuwara Eliya on 15 January that rats had bitten and eaten the nose of the deceased when the body was lying at the funeral parlour. The funeral parlour had taken this body a day after it was in the morgue of the Hospital. The owners of the parlour had subsequently substituted an artificial nose before handing over the body to the relatives.

According to the Hospital Director, some buildings of the hospital had been built in 1800, and as those are in a dilapidated state, it had become the home for mice. Besides, Nuwara Eliya is an Agricultural District, and rats abound. This is a serious issue, they pointed out.

However, since a new building is going to be completed in Nuwara Eliya in six months, the present congestion in the old Hospital will be eased when it is completed. Hence a permanent solution will be found thereafter, Dr. Jayasekera explained. A new morgue is under construction for the new Hospital, he added.




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