If SLFP leaves Govt Opp Leader’s post should be ours – JO

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By 2018-02-14

The Joint Opposition yesterday said, if the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) leaves the Government, they should be given the posts of Leader of the Opposition and the Chief Opposition Whip.

The Joint Opposition will be requesting the Speaker, Karu Jayasuriya to grant them the said positions in the event the SLFP leaves the Government, a senior representative of the Joint Opposition revealed.

He said, without granting the two positions to the Joint Opposition, which has 54 Parliamentarians, the present good governance Government had instead granted them to the Opposition.

The Government while calling the SLFP its partner did not grant the due position to the Joint Opposition, but when the SLFP leaves the Government that contention is not tenable, the senior JO representative added.

"For three years, since 2015, it is the Joint Opposition which created genuine 'storms' within the Parliament on behalf of the people. The particular posts therefore should be immediately withdrawn from the duplicate Opposition and granted to the JO."




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