Govt must seek public forgiveness – Puravasi Balaya

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By 2018-02-14

By Niranjala Ariyawansha

The Puravasi Balaya yesterday (13) said that what the public had given the Government in 2015 was not a blank cheque, and that the onus was on the Government seek forgiveness from the people for its failures.

Co-Convener of Puravasi Balaya K.W. Janaranjana, during a media briefing yesterday, said that the concluded Polls was akin to a race between the tortoise and the rabbit and that the former had won the race due to the lethargy of the latter.

"The public gave this Government a strong mandate in 2015 to introduce political reforms and to punish rogues. Other than that we never gave them the power to act according to their own whims and fancies. But, now it is clear that this Government has faced this defeat due to their abject failure to fulfil the promises given by them to the people," he said.

He added that though the Government had introduced certain political reforms, such as the setting up of independent commissions, the polls results had shown that the public was overall not content with those reforms alone. Janaranjana noted that the only way to regain the lost faith of the public was for the current Government to implement the promises given to the electorate ahead of the 2015 Presidential Polls.

"Other than that, the duo of the President and the Prime Minister do not have any other responsibility. This Government has already signed two agreements with civil society groups. Hence, we are still hopeful that they will fulfill the aspirations of the people," said co-Convenor Saman Rathnapriya.
He vowed that they will not allow the country to be dragged back to the past era.




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