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If given power We’ll develop country in two years -Chandrasiri Mahagamage  


Upcoming LG Elections a referendum  


No political solution for Tamil grievances in sight – Ananthy Sasitharan  


Division in SLFP main reason for UNP victory  


We don’t endorse Basil’s leadership   


Rogues in all Govts should be punished- Akila Viraj Kariyawasam  


EPRLF trying to create confusion – Thurairasasingham  


Mahinda Rajapaksa still an SLFPer  


Will one set of rogues punish another set of rogues?  


We don’t have a mandate to ally with UNP – Pavithra Wanniarachchi  


All involved in Bond Scam should be tried  


Government is reasonably unpopular – Sithadthan  


‘Govt. going from strength-to- strength’  


It’s not Maithri or Ranil who rule this country  


50% of rehabilitated addicts relapse-Prof Ravindra Fernando  


Anti-UNP votes will not be divided – Vasudeva Nanayakkara  


Palestinian Ambassador Zuhair M.H. Dar Zaid says:Palestinians are united despite religious differences Muslims, Christians and Orthodox Jews suppressed by Israeli Govt  


I will not tolerate infighting –Sagala Ratnayake  


The Country’s Laws cannot be bent to anyone’s will  


Only UNP can unite the people – Imthiaz Bakeer Markar  


Quality in higher education sector:Relevance of syllabus debatable – Mohan Lal Grero  


No escape if anyone committed a fraud   


Maithri should not sit in a Cabinet sans SLFPers  


Wigneswaran sowing seeds of communalism  


SLFP supports devolution of power – Lasantha Alagiyawanna  


If Bond scammers are not prosecuted…President will lose his credibility –Bandula Gunawardena   


All information security issues are not cyber crimes  


We want a change in Muslim representation– Hasen Ali  


Railway tracks cheaper than highways  


Delimitation process Public response quite low – Dr. K. Thavalingam  


Solution must be acceptable to Tamils Separate State is not a reasonable request - Former Army Commander, General Gerry De Silva RWP, VSV, USP  


We are moving forward whilst clashing with each other  


Transport systems Cheaper and efficient solutions needed – Prof. Kumarage  


Unity within TNA is essential-A. VaratharajaPerumal  


Privatization of medical education We have not given up the battle-Dr. Padeniya  


If we join with the govt then the vote will tilt to the JVP or people will abstain from voting We have to form a new party!   


We will not have a place in politics - Sivalingam  


An economic migrant won’t attempt suicide – Yasmin Sooka  


JO has no deal with UNP - Lohan  


WignesWaran should resign – Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara  


Was the fuel crisis created to get rid of Arjuna ? IOC ship still off the seas of Trincomalee  


Eastern Provincial Council destroyed- Hafiz  




Wigneswaran’s claim Devanampiya Tissa was a Tamil king An academically naïve proposition Prof Raj Somadeva  


There is no journey with the UNP  


Core values of the UNP are eroding - Pradeep Jayewardene  


UN compensation for Kuwait workers Rs 3.2 B on migrant worker welfare  


Professor Matteo Legrenzi says: Gulf States are not keen on all-out war  


I regret the inconvenience caused to the public  


JRJ became Exec. President before ’78 constitution  


Local farmer earnings going to foreign farmers  


ITAK has neglected rehabilitated LTTE cadres -Inbarasa  


Ministry Secretaries should be appointed on Best interest of Public not Minister Lethargy blocking change   


Tamils must decide their political destiny through a Referendum TGTE will accept their verdict – Rudrakumaran  


Laws governing CIABOC archaic Sarath Jayamanne  


New Constitution was promised to the people  


‘Orumiththa Nadu’ and ‘Ayikkiya Nadu’ is mere word play TNA deceiving the people with word games  


Expect crossovers in droves when elections are announced We want to take an anti-UNP struggle forward  


There isn’t even a Draft Sudharshini State Minister shares her views on maternity leave, sanitation and of course, the Constitution  


Tamil Diaspora behind Constitutional reforms - Hemakumara Nanayakkara  


JVP will not settle with Mahinda or Ranil  


only solution is to devolve power – Dayasiri Jayasekera If that doesn’t happen, extremists should be held responsible   


Cannot ignore Missing Persons issue Current Govt will be sent home Ananthan  


Suicide prevention Sri Lanka has made best improvements WHO data outdated  


Namal trying hard to become a political prisoner Betrays protesters to party in Russia – Rajakaruna  


Aloysius should have been arrested-Namal Rajapaksa  


No Revenge I want to embrace all those who left us – Basil Rajapaksa  


Large Industrial Zone for Thulhiriya  


Even the PM should be in Prison for the frauds  


Would like more Pradeshiya Sabhas for N’Eliya-Radhakrishnan  


Skills mismatch a massive economic cost Education system must be reformed  


Federalism is the antithesis of separatism Wiggy  


Kiriella has no right to ask me not to speak-Handunnetti  


We want China to be transparent in its intent– US Rear Admiral Don Gabrielson  


“I am ready to answer the Auditor General” Kiriella  


Demographics expert says No labour shortage in Sri Lanka Importing foreign workers will lead to tension  


Share powers with ethnic communities It’s the only way to solve this problem  


Former CJ damns new Constitution  


Devanampiya Tissa was a Tamil king Wigneswaran  


Lacille De Silva says Ranil is not reliable  




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